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Our Vasectomy Procedure & FAQ's

What is a No Scalpel, Open Ended Vasectomy?

A No Scalpel, Open Ended Vasectomy uses specialised instruments to minimise any bruising or infection.  The testicular end of the vas is left open so that back pressure is minimised thus lessening the chance of testicular pain.

When am I “sterile”?

After 3 months a test is taken to ensure that you are sterile. The test consists of having your seminal fluid examined at a laboratory to check that there are no sperm present.

Once the test has been done and you have been told the result is “NEGATIVE FOR SPERM” then you can consider yourself sterile and do not need to use other forms of contraception.

How much time do I need off work?

The normal rules are:

  • Rest up for 4 days
  • You may then return to work but do not lift any more than 10kg for 10 days after the procedure.

These rules work well for nearly everyone.

People who conveniently forget them and go back to heavy work, exercise and golf etc., do not give things a chance to settle down. They have a much greater risk of pain and infection.

For your convenience, Dr Sheen performs vasectomies on some Saturdays if this makes it easier for your work.

Is infection common?

If you look after things sensibly infection is very uncommon.  Do not go swimming or sit in a bath until the wound is healed.

It is important that for 10 days you:
• ONLY take showers
• Put your back to the shower
• Keep the area as dry as possible

How long does the procedure take?

About 1 hour but for 30 minutes afterwards you rest up with an icepack to help minimise the chances of any possible bleeding and swelling.

Do I need someone to drive me home?

Yes. It is important that you have someone else to drive you home.
When at home, lie down for a further hour with an ice pack.

Does a vasectomy affect sexual performance?

No. A vasectomy only cuts the tubes containing sperm.
It does not affect your hormone levels or anything else associated with your libido.

Is the procedure under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic?

Dr Sheen performs the vasectomies under local anaesthetic.
This allows the procedure to be done out of hospital and makes it a more "private" event.

Being performed out of hospital not only helps to lower any chance of infection but
also allows you to rest up for ½ hour after the procedure which minimises any bruising.

A local anaesthetic means that you do not have any of the risks associated with a general anaesthetic.

When asked, 99.5% of patients said they would advise their friends to have their vasectomy done the same way.

I am still really nervous about the procedure, what else can be done to help?

You are able to have an inhalation anaesthetic, Penthrox. Many people will know this as the "Green Stick".
As this is very effective it is offered as a FREE extra service.

What do I do from here? Do I need a referral?

Dr Sheen likes to see you for a consultation prior to the procedure to help you feel comfortable and make sure you are fully aware of the care needed afterwards.

This consultation really helps to assist with you having the best result. No referral is needed.

The failure rate for vasectomies is generally quoted at about 1:2000.

Most failures occur in the first three months of the procedure and this is why it is not only essential to have a test but also
the need to wait for three months before taking the test.

It must be noted that the failure rate for vasectomies is vastly less than than for women have a tubal sterilisation.


How many procedures has Dr Sheen performed?

Dr Sheen has personally done over 1750 vasectomies.  It is always a good idea to ask the doctor how many vasectomies he has performed.  Sometimes advertising quotes how many vasectomies the clinic has performed.  What is important is to find out how many your doctor has done - not the total number for the clinic!



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