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The Vasectomy Clinic of Western Sydney takes very seriously the Corona Virus Pandemic and the precautions needed to keep you in good health.
We take appointments. We aim to minimise your waiting time and if you wish you may sit outside or wait in your car.
As a small clinic, we minimise your risk.
Dr Sheen and his staff are fully aware of your safety and comfort.
All Dr Sheen’s staff have completed the COVID-19 Infection Control Training.


Our Vasectomy Procedure

What is a No Scalpel, Open Ended Vasectomy?

A No Scalpel, Open Ended Vasectomy uses specialised instruments to minimise any bruising or infection.

When am I “sterile”?

After 3 months a test is taken to ensure that you are sterile. The test consists of having your seminal fluid examined at a laboratory to check that there are no sperm present.

Once the test has been done and you have been told the result is
“NEGATIVE FOR SPERM” then you can consider yourself sterile and do
not need to use other forms of contraception.

What people say About Us

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“Fast and safe procedure. Heard from friends that had hospital surgery with a full anaesthetic and they were pretty sore days after. Would recommend Dr Sheen and staff to any of my friends who are thinking of getting this procedure done.” S.H. from Glenmore Park NSW


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